Justin Tyme is a highly skilled and accomplished tattoo artist, who is the owner of Reef Side Tattoo in Melbourne, FL. He has been tattooing for over a decade and has developed a reputation as one of the best tattoo artists in the area. He is known for his unique style, which incorporates a mix of traditional tattooing techniques with a modern twist. Justin specializes in a variety of tattoo styles, including traditional American and Japanese tattoos, neo-traditional, blackwork, and watercolor.

He is especially known for his ability to create beautiful and intricate designs that are both bold and eye-catching. He is also skilled in cover-ups and reworks, which means he can turn a bad tattoo into a beautiful one.

At Reef Side Tattoo, Justin creates a welcoming and professional environment, that makes it easy for clients to relax and feel comfortable while getting tattooed. He works with each client to create a custom design that is tailored to their individual style and preferences. He also make sure that all clients are comfortable with the process and the design before proceeding. In addition to his work at the shop,

Justin is a regular participant at tattoo conventions and events, such as the Underworld Tattoo Fest, where he has the opportunity to showcase his skills to a wider audience. He also is a mentor for aspiring tattoo artist and enjoys to share his knowledge and experience.

Overall, Justin Tyme is a talented and experienced tattoo artist who provides high-quality work and a great experience for his clients. If you are looking for a skilled tattoo artist in Melbourne, FL, Justin Tyme and Reef Side Tattoo is definitely worth checking out.